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tv   News  ABC  July 29, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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crime and last night they talked in charles village about what needs to be done. >> we are going to find out how emily is doing. she is the ellicott city teen injured in a bomb blast overseas. >> and arizona is the same today as it was yesterday. the immigration crackdown has been sidelined by a judge. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> thank you so much for joining us on this thursday morning. it's the 29th of july. >> let's find out about our weather. >> at 5:30, we are going to take a look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. showers to our north, have a couple sprinkles hitting around the york, pa area. in fact, we could put this one into motion and you'll notice there has been some lightning strikes. altoona getting hit. this band of showers is falling apart to our north. we could get a sprinkle on the north side this morning. we are looking around lunchtime to get our shot.
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80 degrees this morning, feeling like 86. follow the wakeup window. showers and storms likely around lunchtime. it's 5:30, let's go to the roads, here is kim brown. >> a disabled vehicle, 95 southbound right as you approach the toll plaza, traffic is able to get around it really without too many issues. we are still working an accident on windsor mill road and jeffrey road. as we look around the cameras, nice steady stream of volume as you head towards 95 on the west side of the beltway here at route 40. traffic moving well on the west side as well at liberty road. inner loop lanes looking good. so problems are here on the northeast corner. 695 in general checking in incident free in 95 and the 83 also looking good. megan and jamie, back to you. it is the federal government's responsibility to enforce immigration law. >> what this is turning into is a legal battle. abc2 news is in washington with a look at what's next. >> for critics of the nation's
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toughest immigration law, it was cause for celebration. >> we are all happy and proud. >> for the law, supporters that will not go into effect today was just a bump in the road. >> we knew regardless of what happened today, of course, one side or the other side was going to appeal. so this begins the process. >> a federal court wednesday threw out the parts of the law, making it a state crime to live and work without arizona without papers and those requiring arizona cops to stop and ask the status of anyone here illegally. >> ultimately likely on to the supreme court. >> judge susan bolton ruled there is a substantial likelihood officers will wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens under the new law and the rise in stops and arrests would divert resources from the federal government's other responsibilities. >> yesterday, i went to bed
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really depressed. but this morning, everything came back. the hope, knowing that all the prayers are really working. >> still, nearly 60% of americans support arizona's effort to crack down on undocumented workers. >> when does it stop? when is enough is enough? >> a question we'll hear over and over again in an immigration battle that is far from over. the judge also delayed parts of the law requiring immigrants to carry their papers at all times. a move aimed at day laborers. john, abc news, washington. >> this just isn't an arizona problem. immigration a very hot topic. right here in our state, delegate has been a strong supporter of immigration reform. he plans to introduce a bill similar to the one in arizona. >> maryland is a sanctuary state. this is a state where we have 350,000 illegals that are creating $2 billion in
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taxpayer's burdens and crime and other problems. we need a law in this state that can stop that and turn it around. >> this issue has generated a lot of reaction from our viewers online and our facebook fan page. we ask if you would support legislation if it were here in maryland. luis wrote in, he writes yes, yes absolutely. is this a matter of national security. anyone against such legislation clearly doesn't care about our wide open borders or our security. you can't separate one from the other. then steve disagrees, no steve says. i do not support giving the police the right to stop anyone they choose and demand to see proof of citizenship. we do not need to turn into a police state. i have no issue with supporting illegals when they are found, but giving up rights to prevent unwarranted search and seizure is not worth it. let's keep the conversation going. head to our website right now. check us out on facebook.
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search for wmar. 5:34 right now. those popular green pointers, those lasers are becoming a big problem up in ocean city. they are popping up along the board walk replacing the red ones we have seen in the past. the green laser is stronger and it travels even further. the distance of 3 miles, posing a serious threat to the eyes and safety of drivers. >> it's not illegal to possess them in the state of maryland, but it is illegal to use them in a harassing manner. >> also, it is illegal to sell them. >> all right, here's your warning, do not, do not go to mcdaniel college today. this is meeting day for the ravens. so it's closed to the public and also the media. terrance cody passed his conditioning test. terrell showed up early. jared in camp, and listen to this, texas coach thinks that sergio kendall fell down the steps. so that's what the coach is saying. all those stories are making rounds now. get your gear on tomorrow and
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be there at camp. 8:45, we get a first look at the ravens. jets remember, september 13. that's the opening. i guess we are going to talk about the orioles right now. >> let's do it. >> even the globe trotters were beaten once by the washington generals, right? for the 12th straight time, the toronto blue jays beat the orioles 5-0. isn't that funny how that works? jeremy guthrie pitched well enough to win, but they didn't. that's the worst mark in franchise history after 101 games. what more can you say? >> nothing. >> 70 losses. >> incredible. >> a bear goes on a deadly rampage at a montana campground. >> what wildlife experts are doing to capture the animal. and treacherous driving conditions, a hailstorm makes one area look more like january than july. here is justin. we will have thunderstorms, nothing like that around here.
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we will take some of the steam out of the air. winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour under a mostly cloudy sky. we are back with a good looking weekend outlook after this. we'll go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> good morning, out on the mark train system, the penn and camden lines look good for travel. running about 10. on the buses, the number 36 with a diversion at washington boulevard, that's due to construction. the 11, 48, and 55 taking a diversion. and the 77 northbound diverted at hill top and commons due to construction. light rail and metro subway look good. i'm mark jones for the mta transit team. what's that? oh, see, this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak.
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jamie, check this out. it looks like winter wonderland in boulder, colorado. an intense storm rocked the foothills of denver. some areas saw more than a foot of hail. leaving many drivers stuck, stranded, needing help. but incredible pictures this morning. does that look weird? >> it's snow in colorado. >> it looks like snow, right? >> justin is finding a plane ticket right now.
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>> no ice crystals. hail or stones of ice. >> you love it. >> you can't go skiing on that stuff. it looks good. you don't care. i'll give you the science lesson later. 78 degrees this morning in baltimore. 79 in easten. we are looking across the region, not only at the heat, but the humidity, where it feels like 82 now in town. 86 on the eastern shore and easten. yeah, mostly cloudy skies, some showers to our north. this first line of showers appears to be falling apart into the mountains and staying to our north. there's reenforcements behind that. it's possible we get a few sprinkles move through later this morning. right around lunchtime is our best time frame. if you are planning on getting outside, that's the time to think twice about it or check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar online. we'll go from 89 to 92 as our 2- degree guaranteed high. but most of this stuff should be pushing south of baltimore by about 2:00 or 3:00 in the
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afternoon. so then it gets much better for the weekend. here is kim brown with traffic. >> justin, after lunch and especially during this evening's rush hour, you can expect to see sharp street closed between conaway right there downtown in front of the convention center. that should be a nice big gathering down there. also we are working on accidents still in baltimore county at windsor mill road. that earlier disabled vehicle, southbound at the fort mchenry toll plaza has been cleared away. no issues in terms of drive times. everything is normal. all roads leading towards the beltway. harrisburg expressway and 795, all checking in incident free. linda so is in the studio. she has the latest on one of this morning's top stories. they rallied against violence demanding change after the senseless murder of a hopkins researcher. why some say it's time for her to go. and an update on a howard county teenager injured in a
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it's a quarter to 6:00 in the morning and just hours before a hopkins researcher was murdered on sunday, the highest ranking crime fighter in the city was holding a birthday party/campaign fundraiser in which she said she is smart and
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strong. she made the comments to donnie glover of the congressman, cummings and anthony brown were right there in attendance. i want to play part of the speech here. let's listen in. >> you have to identify who goes to jail because not everybody needs to be in jail. >> genuine work for and on behalf of people. >> the argument is that one of the murder suspects should have been in jail and not on the streets and for more on this investigation and how this is turning into a hot campaign issue, here's abc2 news, linda so. linda. >> after learning that the man accused of killing steven pitcairn had a lengthy criminal record, outrage is growing. some are pointing the finger at baltimore's top prosecutor. emotions ran high at an
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antiviolence rally last night. it came three days after a 23- year-old hawkins researcher was robbed and stabbed to death. john wagner and his wife have been charged in pitcairn's murder. wagner was no stranger to police. back in april, police say he robbed a man outside a gas station and wagner also violated probation numerous times, but was allowed to stay on the streets. both the police commissioner and mayor expressed frustration last night, angry that suspects aren't prosecuted to the fullest extent. >> she can't defend ourselves. we don't have weapons. we don't have the means. >> okay. so please, help us and don't depend on us to be doing it. you people need to be doing it for us. >> that anger eluding to the city state's attorney's office, who is challenging patricia in the upcoming election was at last night's rally. pitcairn might still be alive if he did a better job
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prosecuting the suspects now charged with killing the hawkins researcher. linda so, abc2 news. >> time now is 5:48. a howard county teenager injured in a bombing earlier this month is now on his way to recovery. emily kerstetter's family will have an update on her condition. >> there's new information on emily kerstetter. fund raising efforts at a news conference. emily and her grandmother were on a church mission trip when they were injured on july 11. they were at a restaurant watching the world cup games when a suicide bomber hit. now the same bomb that wounded emily took the lives of an african priest and another congregation member. according to a website, emily had her first skin graft yesterday and it went very well. she's improving daily, but she still has a long road ahead of
5:49 am
her. emily will need extensive medical care and the news conference is scheduled for 11:30 this morning where she attends school and if you would like to find out more information about donations for her medical expenses, log on to our website at in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> all right sherrie. head's up for you this morning if you are in baltimore county. you notice the martins west is on fire. it's not. the fire department is going to be doing a training exercise out there this morning at around 8:30. it's going to take place right here at the 6800 block of dogwood road. dogwood road will be closed from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 5:49, 78 degrees here in town. upper 70s to near 80 across much of the mid atlantic. a warm and muggy morning. code yellow, that's moderate and that is because it's a
5:50 am
mixing improvement in the atmosphere. look at the line of showers developing and breaking up across the mountains. the real cold front is sitting back here. that is going to break some of the heat and humidity ahead of it. showers and storms and there may be some that try to pass through by mid to late morning. i say storms, because there have been lightning storms. the hardest hit right now, north eastern, pa. that 84 stretch on in through the northwest jersey suburbs. basically, that's going to be the problem this morning. going up 95, you'll have to deal with showers past the philly area. we'll get our hit towards this afternoon. check it out, behind this front, it clears out. across the great lakes, starts off clear. they develop clouds as the strong sun and cool air interact with that moisture from the lakes themselves. look at the temperatures. we are looking at our upper 70s to compared to 65. sure, the air is going to
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modify a little bit by the time it reaches us. that's the source of our air and that's the source for this frontal boundary. gets active mid to late afternoon hours. it crosses our region just after lunchtime. then it gets active. so there's a lot of places to the north that may have morning sprinkles or showers. no problem in the afternoon. baltimore southbound, annapolis, eastern shore, you could get your rumbles of thunder and heavy downpour early afternoon, pushes through southern maryland by 3:00 when we start to see the sun pop back out and clearing tonight and pretty good shape as we head into the weekend, at least with cooler, more comfortable temperatures. 92 degrees, that's our 2-degree guarantee. this afternoon, they'll be south of baltimore as we begin to clear out. tonight, we'll drop back to 68 around town. we'll be cooler outside of beltway and we settle with temperatures at 87 tomorrow with sun, 85 on saturday. clouds try to make a run back at us with showers late sunday
5:52 am
at 83. kim. >> justin, this morning we are working a multivehicle accident in the southbound lanes of route 270 just past route 85. that only has the right lane open at this time. the crash blocks the left lane and both shoulders. expect delays if that's how you travel headed towards the capital beltway. this morning at our drive times, no issues on 795. it is delay-free all the way down. that will take you five minutes and then from the boulevard approaching the beltway, that's going to be a four minute ride. looking at our cameras, that is going to be good. here we are at 195, both the northbound and southbound lanes, pretty much moving without incident. that earlier accident has been cleared as well. stay with us, because we do have more of your news, weather, and traffic when good morning maryland returns after this. this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak.
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crank up the flavor at subway. check the stories making news around the nation this morning. a military cargo plane has crashed into an air force base near anchorage, alaska. there's no word if the four people on board survived. prospects right now don't look good. witnesses say they saw a fire ball hundreds of feet in the air. >> in phoenix, a police
5:56 am
officer is killed, two wounded after a gun battle during an under cover operation. one of the wounded officers are in critical condition. two others are in the hospital. authorities are not disclosing details of the drug bust or what triggered this shootout. and a deadly bear attack at a campground near yellow stone national park. a man was killed and two others were bitten. >> the investigation so far has revealed that everything was done right. we don't have any signs of improper food storage or food in the area. >> officers say that the bear knocked down tents, the campground, which is run by the u.s. forest service has been closed while the investigation goes on. five tarps have been set up in the area in attempt to capture the bear. we are four minutes from 6:00. let's see, checked into your dorm. >> sherrie johnson will tell you about the best on college
5:57 am
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now, good morning maryland. the streets to your kitchen table. everyone is questioning what happened sunday night here in baltimore. and how is emily kerstetter doing? we'll get an update today after she was hurt in a bomb blast in uganda. a border battle is turning into a legal battle. arizona against the united states. it's a story that will dominate your news here this morning. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. thank you
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